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   "Internet dating has become a huge phenomenon in our contemporary, technology-based society. It is very interesting to say the least, and after speaking to a few colleagues and friends, it also seems to be a very controversial subject as well. Many important questions arise when thinking about this new concept. EG: "Is this process simply a result of a changing lifestyle that limits the amount of free time and social interaction that modern people have? Is it like 'blind dating' or does the many ways of communicating and amount of information that comes with a prospective dater's profile make it more personal? Is this the next natural step in a world that is growing closer together through collaboration on the Internet? Is it a less human way of meeting someone than the traditional way of meeting through everyday social interaction, such as school, work, or extracurricular activities? Or, could this finally be a process to search and find, judge and rate, finding your true soul mate in a way that could never have been possible before.
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